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Cigar Art…

This morning, I had a spare 10 minutes to try something I have been thinking about doing to add something arty to my office… I am not really an arty person so I thought I would cheat and use other

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Two of the best!

If I have a legitimate grievance over an issue of service with a company I am the first to complain. I have no qualms about picking up the phone and letting somebody know if I feel hard done-by. I am slower

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Nice try, Cigar!

It is my birthday soon! I thought I’d get some cigars to celebrate and went online (of course). Much as I like the idea of slowly perusing a walk in humidor at a high end tobacconist; who has the time?

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Potential Fanatic…

I used to be a smoker, not a social smoker, not a I’ll have one if you are smoker, but a full on twenty B&H a day smoker; and I was good at it! Recently a friend had a baby

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