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An answer to prayer…

I guess that the title of this post could literally relate to anything that I may have been hoping for, this phrase is often used when there has been no prayer at all! Prayer is one of those things, like many Christians,

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Whose Church?

Conservative MP Sir Tony Baldry today commented in the House of Commons, “If the Church of England wants to be a national church, then it has to reflect the values of the nation.” Really, honestly? I am not sure I have

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Men, Women, Bishops, The Church…

I am a little hesitant in writing this post, usually I write about controversial issues from a definite standpoint and usually do a reasonable job of arguing my case. However, on the issue of women bishops I am undecided. Why

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Different Heroes…

I had meant to do this post for Remembrance Day, but didn’t quite get to it… My mum tells a story about the first meeting between her parents and my dad’s parents; it sounds like one of those situations where you wouldn’t

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D.I.Y. sucks…

Vacuum Cleaner

I inherited my father’s lack of interest in D.I.Y. I even think pretty much the same way about it as he did. If someone earns a living doing something and they are far better at it than I am, who

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Dark Brown Taste…

Donor Kebab

Last night, I went out with a few mates to celebrate my birthday. Some of us had a nice cigar and we had a few beers and some whisky – great company, great chat, a really nice time. We stopped

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Do you have a bag big enough for my dirty mind?

Tomorrow is my birthday, my wife and I are going out for lunch, just the two of us… In order that I don’t look like a complete tramp, I thought that I would nip into town and get a haircut. Afterwards,

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