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Gooey Kinder Souffle Cake!

Kinder Chocolate Bar

Watch any randomly selected cookery competition on television and there is one dessert that strikes fear into the heart of the most seasoned professional chef it seems; chocolate soufflé! It has to be said, on the few occasions I have

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Swedish Asparagus!

I had fully intended to make a nice healthy tuna salad for tea tonight, but time is short, work is long and I needed something quick with quite a low-calorie count – step in the Ikea food bag!   Ingredients: Grated

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Kinder Coffee…

You may think from the title of this post, that it is about Coffee that is better for you or produced in an environmentally friendly way. Whilst I am sure that these would be worthy posts, this post if actually

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Only one wok?


We recently had some friends over for dinner, we didn’t want a takeaway, but we fancied Chinese food, but how to provide a nice variety of dishes with only one wok? Our little boy keeps us busy,  so there would

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Perfect poaching!


I love poached eggs. On toast, on top of a salad, with smoked salmon or as Eggs Benedict – I can’t get enough! I tried various ways of getting to the perfect poached egg; saucepan, microwave plastic poaching devices, pouches

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Dark Brown Taste…

Donor Kebab

Last night, I went out with a few mates to celebrate my birthday. Some of us had a nice cigar and we had a few beers and some whisky – great company, great chat, a really nice time. We stopped

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Surprise hot chocolate…

Hot Chocolate

I like to experiment and my wife likes hot chocolate. I have subjected her to some rare and wonderful creations but have recently discovered one that she really likes! It is really simple, but the results are great (or so

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