I was hesitant in starting a blog, I barely have enough worth saying to fill a tweet, let alone something with no word limit! I initially thought of this as a way just to put down excess thoughts that my brain was no longer dealing with into storage, or to save a particular point in time for later access – much like Dumbledore’s pensive in the Harry Potter books.

I am almost 35 at the time of writing this – I have been married for 9 years to my wonderful, beautiful patient wife and we have a super wonderful little almost 4yo son. I have a great job, we live in a nice house but most importantly we know a God that loves us unconditionally. I enjoy an occasional nice cigar and a glass of good single malt whisky. My interests include music, films and early church history. I write software to run MRI machines which is challenging and sometimes even fun! I try to keep my brain and body active although I struggle to motivate myself with the latter – I do enjoy a good meal!

That is not to say life cannot be tough – my Father who taught me so much recently passed away and our little boy has some complex medical issues, including a tracheostomy, a hole in the heart and learning difficulties. Decent sleep is rare and like most people we are not at our best when we are tired.

I don’t know if I will be a frequent blogger, or even an interesting blogger, but I will try at all times to be an honest blogger…

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