Cigar Art…

This morning, I had a spare 10 minutes to try something I have been thinking about doing to add something arty to my office…

I am not really an arty person so I thought I would cheat and use other people’s art. I enjoy a good cigar and I think the tubes that some cigars are packaged in can be very pleasing to the eye. With that in mind I set about my project!

You will need…

A box frame (I got mine from IKEA)

Dark card (I chose black)

Clear tape

Double sided tape

Empty Cigar tubes

You need to…

Secure the cigar tubes in a line facing forward to the bottom inside edge of the box frame using the double sided tape

Secure the cigar tubes to each other for stability using the clear tape

Cut the dark card as a background

Put the back on the box frame

Simple hey!

And the result…

I know that there is a bit of a gap, ideally that would not be there! I do intend to swap in a fatter tube when I get the chance to rectify this!

Cigar Art

Is it art, or have I merely framed what was already art? I’ll let you decide…

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