A couple of things from today!

My wife does a small amount of private English tutoring; she is the main carer for our son so it is nice for her to be able to do something away from that life every once in a while to keep her sane! Edward’s favourite outing at the moment is a trip to the university lake to feed the ducks. Today was nice and sunny and we went at ten which it turns out is the perfect time to see lots of wildlife!

You know the scene, the birds tweet and fly by, a baby deer wanders into the foreground and somewhere to the left in the background a couple of squirrels playfully fight over a nut whilst a baby rabbit watches on! If are unsure about what I am on about, this butter advert should give you an idea…

Today we had our own moment like this! We found some baby geese with their parents, a magpie kept swooping down to pick at the bread we were throwing. Two squirrels sat nearby darting in to get their own piece of crust whilst the ducks swam in the background. I tried to capture the scene, but it was too dynamic – this is the best I got…

Our own Disney moment!

Our own Disney moment!


In a separate incident, as we were walking through the supermarket car park, a young boy about 9 or 10 years old was staring so hard at Edward’s tracheostomy he walked full on into the bonnet of a parked car and fell over!

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