Swedish Asparagus!

I had fully intended to make a nice healthy tuna salad for tea tonight, but time is short, work is long and I needed something quick with quite a low-calorie count – step in the Ikea food bag!



Grated Cheese

A Pack of Asparagus

2 tbsp. water

A Poached Egg (see previous post on Perfect Poaching)

Salt and Pepper



This was a bit of an experiment as I didn’t know if the aforementioned Ikea food bags were microwave safe, but I was in a hurry!

  1. Wash, trim and place asparagus in plastic food bag with the water
  2. Pierce the bag several times (important!)
  3. Microwave on full power for 1:50 (800W) and leave to rest whilst poaching egg
  4. Poach egg as per instructions
  5. Grate cheese
  6. Drain asparagus and arrange on plate
  7. Add grated cheese on top
  8. Place poached egg in the middle
  9. Season and enjoy!

If all goes well, hopefully the result should look something like this…

Swedish Asparagus

It was super yummy, took about 4 minutes to make and was only 190 calories; win, win, win!


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One comment on “Swedish Asparagus!
  1. Chris Dalton says:

    Don’t have an Ikea food bag but did buy some asparagus today so can’t wait to try it:)

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