Feeding the ducks…

One of Edward’s favourite things to do at the moment is feeding the ducks. Our local university has a lovely boating lake at the bottom of campus which has loads of wildfowl and squirrels. Edward particularly loves the moorhens that make the high pitch squeak and run across the water’s surface whenever he throws bread toward them.

Feeding the ducks

Feeding the ducks

It is lovely to see that although his development is delayed in so many ways, his sense of humour does not seem remotely affected. Whenever he is sure someone is watching, he will pretend to throw the bread and then change direction and take a massive bite out of it! We have to make sure we do not use stale bread to avoid him aspirating dry crumbs but it is clear that all the ducks see fresh bread as a treat!

Cast thy bread upon the waters… Ecclesiastes 11:1

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