An answer to prayer…

I guess that the title of this post could literally relate to anything that I may have been hoping for, this phrase is often used when there has been no prayer at all!

Prayer is one of those things, like many Christians, that I have struggled and continue to struggle with. My mum got me a book on prayer recently that I am hoping to be able to read soon. So often we wonder if God is listening, and if he is listening and hearing why he isn’t doing! We are quick to complain when prayers appear unanswered, but slow to acknowledge when they are! In attempt to buck this trend, I thought I would share the following story…


Recently we had a hearing test for a little boy, we went to the hearing test centre and because of some additional needs that our son has, we used his blue badge to allow us to park in a disabled space. Imagine our annoyance when having had a wonderful hearing test with a ‘normal’ result – (rare for us with our son’s medical tests) , we got back to our car to see a fixed penalty notice for unauthorised use of a disabled space. What annoyed me even more was the parking warden would have been able to see our son’s beaming face on the disabled badge with his tracheostomy clearly visible!

We could see the warden in the distance, so I hurried and caught up with him and asked for an explanation – We hadn’t noticed, but the serial number and expiry date on our badge had faded in the sunlight and as he couldn’t verify the validity of the badge, he had to issue the fine.

When we got home, I e-mailed our circumstances in order to appeal, we are awaiting a decision. I also contacted the blue badge people to ask for a replacement – unfortunately in order to get a replacement, you have to reapply – as with anything like this, the paperwork is long and tedious!

This was all the more annoying as we have an MRI scan scheduled for our son at a hospital around one hours drive from us with notoriously bad parking, even with a blue badge. The new badge would take up to 8 weeks to issue and there was less than 2 weeks to the scan. I sent the form off with a quick prayer, that if possible we would get a replacement badge in time for the journey. Since then we had pondered on how early we would have to leave to find a suitable parking space and still make our 7:30am appointment.

Imagine our joy, when this morning, only 9 days after applying, we received our new blue badge in the post! Coincidence some might say, efficient council services less might say; we however are thanking God for a real answer to prayer!


Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. Jeremiah 29:12



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One comment on “An answer to prayer…
  1. Ed green says:

    You guys are saints, actual saints, and your prayers are powerful and effective. God’s timing is not ours huh! I would love to meet Edward one day. Great name choice by the way. Thanks for living your lives with integrity.

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