Whose Church?

Conservative MP Sir Tony Baldry today commented in the House of Commons,

“If the Church of England wants to be a national church, then it has to reflect the values of the nation.”

Really, honestly? I am not sure I have read anything so utterly ridiculous in my entire life! Given that Christ is the head of the Church, is Sir Tony Baldry really saying that Jesus should be more English?  Maybe an all powerful stiff upper-lip kind of Saviour, maybe one that drinks more tea? Maybe if Jesus was a little more like Doctor Who, the Church might just be alright. Maybe a cigar smoking, victory speech giving, ‘Dad’s Army’ watching, always suspicious of the Germans, football fanatic, ‘fight them on the beaches’, tory kind of head of the Church would be preferable?

Fortunately it is not for Sir Tony Baldry or any other MP to build the Church and ensure its continuity…

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build MY church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. – Matthew 16:18




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One comment on “Whose Church?
  1. kirkykoo79 says:

    Okay, the women bishops issue is really complicated, but this I can agree with. Anyone who cites ‘the values of the nation’ probably has no idea what even the majority of people value, as if we all valued the same things anyway…

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