D.I.Y. sucks…

I inherited my father’s lack of interest in D.I.Y. I even think pretty much the same way about it as he did. If someone earns a living doing something and they are far better at it than I am, who am I to deprive them of an income! When approaching D.I.Y. I always do the following: Going on the principle that time equals money, I work out what I think my time is worth to me on an hourly basis. I then work out approximately how long it would take me to do whatever task is pending to the same standard as a professional (why settle for second best). I can guarantee, that the D.I.Y. estimate always exceeds the G.S.I. (get someone in) estimate. Now it could just be that this is a product of a) my lack of skill, and b) an over-valuing of my time – but it keeps me happy!

That said, there is a certain satisfaction to successful D.I.Y. – I just managed to change the drive belt on my car and stair vac restoring it to it’s former glory!

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