Birthday Boxing Day…

We have a tradition in our house, with birthdays, much like Christmas, we tag an extra day of celebration onto the main event; we call this ‘Birthday Boxing Day’! Much of the time it is not possible to fit everything that you want into your special day, yesterday for example although I got a fantastic lie in (until 7am) and our little boy didn’t wake until even later and even though my wife and I had a fantastic lunch at a posh restaurant; I still had to work in the afternoon….

…Never fear, for today is ‘Birthday Boxing Day’! Whilst I still have to work much of the day, this evening whilst my wife has some friends round, I am off out with the lads, for a beer, a cigar, a whisky and possibly even a kebab! Even if you do manage to fill your entire actual birthday with everything that you want to do, now there is an excuse to do it all again the next day! Happy Birthday Boxing Day!

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