Surprise hot chocolate…

I like to experiment and my wife likes hot chocolate. I have subjected her to some rare and wonderful creations but have recently discovered one that she really likes! It is really simple, but the results are great (or so I’m told). You will need…

  • 1 tsp cocoa powder (the Bourneville one is pretty good)
  • 2-3 tsp of caster sugar
  • 1 drop of vanilla essence
  • 1 mini Kinder chocolate bar
  • 250 ml of milk


Put the milk (all but a tsp) into a Pyrex jug and break up the Kinder chocolate bar into it – place in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds on full power (this is based on our 850 W microwave) keep an eye though to make sure it doesn’t boil over. Whilst the milk is heating, put the sugar, cocoa, vanilla essence and the tsp of milk you saved (if not just use some more!) into the mug and stir till you get a smooth paste with no powdery bits. Once the milk is ready, stir it to finish blending in the Kinder bar and add to the paste stirring to get a smooth consistency. There may be some chocolate ‘sludge’ in the bottom of the Pyrex jug, you can scrape this out and stir in or just eat it; you have just made your wife some hot chocolate after all and deserve a treat!

Kinder Chocolate Bar

Kinder Chocolate Bar

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3 comments on “Surprise hot chocolate…
  1. I am SO trying this out. Awesome idea!

  2. […] posts, this post if actually about making a cup of coffee look funky and taste yummy by grating a Kinder bar (as used in my surprise hot chocolate) on top! Using a mini grater makes the strands of chocolate curl better and the Kinder bar gives of […]

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