Loft of Evil…

I am a tidy freak, I like things to be just so, this is not new information. Friends and relatives ponder exactly which part of the autistic spectrum I may lie on – I like to line things up at ninety degrees to the edge of the table; not eighty-nine degrees, ninety. My one concession to this is the loft, it is frankly a disgrace. Well intentioned identical plastic crates guiltily hide unorganised, uncategorised content. Overflow detritus litters the floor in piles awaiting classification and assignment to one of the aforementioned crates.

My latest trip to the loft reminded me of how as sinful humans we attempt to hide our imperfections and present an upright ‘ninety-degree’ life to the rest of the world. God however has unrestricted access to the loft…

“…I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds.” – Revelation 2:23

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One comment on “Loft of Evil…
  1. *VV@|d ®@m* says:

    Great first post, looking forward to more ramblings.

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