Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

My favourite Christmas carol…


At Christmas time Christmas music is everywhere. In shops refrains about snowmen, reindeer, presents, bells and sleighs are on a constant loop. Alongside the Christmas pop occasional carols are randomly interspersed breaking up the musical chintz reminding us of that first Christmas, the real Christmas. One of my favourite carols was written nearly 280 years ago by Charles Wesley. If you sing this carol, take time to look at the amazing words which echo the Gospel message so clearly…

God and sinners reconciled! –Jesus has come so that sinners can be reconciled to God!

Veiled in flesh the Godhead see; – Jesus, God the son, became a man;
Hail th’incarnate Deity, – Fully man and fully God,

Mild He lays His glory by, – Jesus set aside the glory he is due,
Born that man no more may die; – Jesus came so that man doesn’t have to die;
Born to…

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Different Heroes…

For last year’s Remembrance Day…


I had meant to do this post for Remembrance Day, but didn’t quite get to it…

My mum tells a story about the first meeting between her parents and my dad’s parents; it sounds like one of those situations where you wouldn’t even want to be a fly on the wall. Once you have read through this post, you may understand that what was always going to be an uncomfortable meeting went to a new level of awkwardness when my mum’s dad asked my dad’s dad, ‘What did you do during the war?’…

At the age of 23 my mum’s dad Ronald Frederick Taylor went to war – although not a trained doctor he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps. He delighted in telling us the story about the first time he was in attendance at an amputation; the surgeon removed and handed the leg to my grandad who promptly passed out. He awoke…

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Cigar Art…

This morning, I had a spare 10 minutes to try something I have been thinking about doing to add something arty to my office…

I am not really an arty person so I thought I would cheat and use other people’s art. I enjoy a good cigar and I think the tubes that some cigars are packaged in can be very pleasing to the eye. With that in mind I set about my project!

You will need…

A box frame (I got mine from IKEA)

Dark card (I chose black)

Clear tape

Double sided tape

Empty Cigar tubes

You need to…

Secure the cigar tubes in a line facing forward to the bottom inside edge of the box frame using the double sided tape

Secure the cigar tubes to each other for stability using the clear tape

Cut the dark card as a background

Put the back on the box frame

Simple hey!

And the result…

I know that there is a bit of a gap, ideally that would not be there! I do intend to swap in a fatter tube when I get the chance to rectify this!

Cigar Art

Is it art, or have I merely framed what was already art? I’ll let you decide…

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A couple of things from today!

My wife does a small amount of private English tutoring; she is the main carer for our son so it is nice for her to be able to do something away from that life every once in a while to keep her sane! Edward’s favourite outing at the moment is a trip to the university lake to feed the ducks. Today was nice and sunny and we went at ten which it turns out is the perfect time to see lots of wildlife!

You know the scene, the birds tweet and fly by, a baby deer wanders into the foreground and somewhere to the left in the background a couple of squirrels playfully fight over a nut whilst a baby rabbit watches on! If are unsure about what I am on about, this butter advert should give you an idea…

Today we had our own moment like this! We found some baby geese with their parents, a magpie kept swooping down to pick at the bread we were throwing. Two squirrels sat nearby darting in to get their own piece of crust whilst the ducks swam in the background. I tried to capture the scene, but it was too dynamic – this is the best I got…

Our own Disney moment!

Our own Disney moment!


In a separate incident, as we were walking through the supermarket car park, a young boy about 9 or 10 years old was staring so hard at Edward’s tracheostomy he walked full on into the bonnet of a parked car and fell over!

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Gooey Kinder Souffle Cake!

Kinder Chocolate Bar

Watch any randomly selected cookery competition on television and there is one dessert that strikes fear into the heart of the most seasoned professional chef it seems; chocolate soufflé! It has to be said, on the few occasions I have followed a proper chocolate soufflé recipe I have ended up with chocolate scrambled egg or a chocolate scone!

To continue my theme of Kinder based recipes, I decided to come up with a soufflé like recipe that is easy to make… enter the ‘Gooey Kinder Soufflé Cake’!

Ingredients (to serve 2)

  • 50g butter
  • 5 Kinder bars
  • 60g caster sugar
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 40g self-raising flour
  • Icing sugar for dusting


  • Heat the oven to 180C
  • Place the Kinder bars and butter in a bowl and microwave on full (800W) for 30 seconds, stir and microwave again for 40 seconds
  • Beat the eggs and sugar together in another bowl until fluffy and then fold in the flour
  • Fold the melted butter and chocolate into the egg, sugar and flour mix
  • Butter 2 ramekins (or cheat and spray them with that spray olive oil, a lot quicker!)
  • Pour the mixture into the ramekins and bake for between 12 to 16 minutes
  • Remove from the oven and dust with icing sugar – serve immediately!

There are many things about this recipe which make it perfect for those of us too scared to try to make a soufflé for anyone other than ourselves!

  1. The flour in the mix, although it makes it heavier than a traditional soufflé gives the pudding more stability and less chance of overflowing or collapsing
  2. The mixture can be made in advance – no need to separate the eggs and whisk the whites before folding
  3. The mix is gooey enough to give more leeway with cooking time meaning that you are almost guaranteed an oozy middle (unless you go out for the day!)


The result should look something like this!

The result should look something like this!

As ever my lovely wife was co-guinea-pig for another of my Kinder based experiments – fortunately there were no complaints! If you give it a try, let me know what you think!


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Swedish Asparagus!

I had fully intended to make a nice healthy tuna salad for tea tonight, but time is short, work is long and I needed something quick with quite a low-calorie count – step in the Ikea food bag!



Grated Cheese

A Pack of Asparagus

2 tbsp. water

A Poached Egg (see previous post on Perfect Poaching)

Salt and Pepper



This was a bit of an experiment as I didn’t know if the aforementioned Ikea food bags were microwave safe, but I was in a hurry!

  1. Wash, trim and place asparagus in plastic food bag with the water
  2. Pierce the bag several times (important!)
  3. Microwave on full power for 1:50 (800W) and leave to rest whilst poaching egg
  4. Poach egg as per instructions
  5. Grate cheese
  6. Drain asparagus and arrange on plate
  7. Add grated cheese on top
  8. Place poached egg in the middle
  9. Season and enjoy!

If all goes well, hopefully the result should look something like this…

Swedish Asparagus

It was super yummy, took about 4 minutes to make and was only 190 calories; win, win, win!


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All quiet on the ramblings front…

Hi, just a note to anybody who still follows this blog…

I am spending most of my time on the ‘Run fat boy, run!’ blog at the moment, please check it out…

Ramblings is not finished by any means, I will do my best to add interesting thoughts whenever I have them! Thanks for following…

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Feeding the ducks…

One of Edward’s favourite things to do at the moment is feeding the ducks. Our local university has a lovely boating lake at the bottom of campus which has loads of wildfowl and squirrels. Edward particularly loves the moorhens that make the high pitch squeak and run across the water’s surface whenever he throws bread toward them.

Feeding the ducks

Feeding the ducks

It is lovely to see that although his development is delayed in so many ways, his sense of humour does not seem remotely affected. Whenever he is sure someone is watching, he will pretend to throw the bread and then change direction and take a massive bite out of it! We have to make sure we do not use stale bread to avoid him aspirating dry crumbs but it is clear that all the ducks see fresh bread as a treat!

Cast thy bread upon the waters… Ecclesiastes 11:1

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Kinder Coffee…

You may think from the title of this post, that it is about Coffee that is better for you or produced in an environmentally friendly way. Whilst I am sure that these would be worthy posts, this post if actually about making a cup of coffee look funky and taste yummy by grating a Kinder bar (as used in my surprise hot chocolate) on top! Using a mini grater makes the strands of chocolate curl better and the Kinder bar gives of a mixture of little white and milk chocolate shards. Anyway I tried it out on my wife today and it was a big hit!

Kinder Coffee

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Check out my other blog!

Hi! Just a quick post to link to a blog I have set up about my half marathon training! Please read, share and possibly donate!


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